Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche

The Biologique Recherche (research) laboratory was created 40 years ago by Yvan and Josette Allouche a Biochemist and Physiotherapist. They combined their expertise and passion to map their unique and visionary path for the professional skin care market. Initially they were a research and development team, with the sole purpose to create skin care treatments and to formulate products for Haute couture brands that required innovative and efficient formulations.

Dr Philippe Allouche continued to research the radically different processes advocated by his parents and progressively took on the creative torch of Biologique Recherche. His global approach to the skin as an organ holistically connected to all others, together with his internal medicine studies and experience of acute organic stress in resuscitation units, Dr Allouche developed new methodologies and innovative specific treatment techniques.

Biologique Recherche complex formulas are high in active ingredients, have no added Parabens, SLS, Silicones or artificial fragrances and are cold formulated to preserve the integrity of the formulas. Pure concentrated raw ingredients from Botanical, Marine and Biological actives are used to optimize the effectiveness of the products.

The Methodology is a clinical approach to personalized skin care. Innovative and meticulous treatment protocols is the core and targets the epidermis according to each individual's Skin Instant©. Evaluation of the epidermis is constantly monitored and systematically analyzed. Biologique Recherche has developed a unique computerized diagnosis, product & treatment prescription system, the Skin Instant Lab©, which monitors the changes of the Skin Instant© over time.

Biologique Recherche personalized treatments are available in more than 70 countries and within Medical Spa’s, Dermatologists, Thalasso centers, Prestigious Spa’s within 5* hotel establishments i.e. The Peninsula, Four Seasons Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hyatt, Shangri La.

The Flagship Biologique Recherche treatment center, the Ambassade de la Beauté, is located on 32 avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris and is the address that Celebrities, Famous faces, Royalty and Red carpet personalities regularly visit.